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We're on a mission to grow & empower local general contractors. Partner with us & get a reliable stream of high quality jobs with design, materials, and plans ready to go.
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High quality jobs

Homer vets, and handles everything with the customer so that you can focus on doing what you’re good at, building. We handle all the annonying things for you such as procurement, design, permitting, drawings, etc.

Guaranteed payments

Recieve clear payment terms, and quality standards for each project before it starts. Projects are worth between $15,000 - $100,000.

Ready to start from Day 1

You only recieve jobs that are sourced, vetted, and designed with all the materials your crew needs to start from day 1. Designs approved by the client. Easy to follow, high fidelity drawings. All fixtures & finishes delivered at the start of the job.

How it works

1. Apply

We get to learn more about you & your teams experience. We run through licenses, and insurances. If it’s a good fit we’ll run through our onboarding & vetting process.

2. Get jobs

We send you pre-vetted jobs. We've done the annoying work. Now you just have to do what you're great at, build.

3. Build

Everything is ready to go for you to build from day 1. Drawings, permitting, material procurement, etc.

Become a Homer builder

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