Homer is on a mission to make
owning a home affordable for all Australians

What used to be a checkmark on the way to adulthood is now out of reach for the majority of Australians. Especially for the young Australians, who have suffered the brunt of the every increasing housing prices, and less assets than their older generations that are needed to get the foot in the door.

Homer was founded with the idea that all Australians should have access to homeownership in a simpler, smarter way. One that didn't involve taking on large amounts of debt, leaving you with little cash to enjoy life.

Homer is founded by Neil Detering and Anthony Ryan that had previously worked together. Neil had co-founded IRESS (ASX:IRE), one of the largest fintech companies in Australia. Whilst Anthony had been running an advisory services firm that grew some of the fastest technology companies in San Francisco through smarter marketing.

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