Our mission is to make homeownership accessible and affordable for everyone through a shared equity investment in every home.

By having a shared equity investment in every home we’re able to empower everyone to have a secure home over their heads, and free consumers from the large debt burdens to start truly enjoying the freedom of life.

Owning a home hasn’t seen innovation since mortgages were originally invented in the 1700’s. We’ve finally changed that.

The single biggest risk to the Australian financial system is our current housing debt crisis. House prices are amongst the top in the world with no end in sight to the rising prices, and the average household debt to income levels are over 180% for the average Australian. In constrast the US is slightly over 100%... Things have to change. By reinventing what traditional home ownership looked like we went beyond traditional debt mortgages to unlock a smarter way to own a home together. And it’s just the beginning.

The Debt vs Equity Difference

Get there faster, and smarter.

Because no deposit is needed because we cover it for you. It now means you can own your home today instead of saving for 5 years.

Limit your downside risk.

Unlike debt, equity has limited downside risk for you. Meaning we take the risk if the housing market turns for the portion we own, not you. .

No principal repayment.

Unlike debt you don’t have any monthly payments, or interest that saves you thousands over the long-run, and now leaves you with cash to work for you elsewhere.

Radical Transparency.

Debt is prone to changing interest rates after you have it. We show everything up front and lock it in, so there's never any hidden fees or changing rates.

Meet the founders

Neil Detering

Co-Founder - CEO

Neil was the Co-Founder & COO of IRESS (ASX:IRE, MCap ~2.4bn) , Co-Founded Headland Global Investment Management -- a futures based global macro fund, invented the TaxAnalyser product used by numerous Superannuation funds in Australia to maximise their tax returns.

Anthony Ryan

Co-Founder - CMO

Anthony has been involved in building innovative financial services companies where he first met his business partner Neil, and they co-founded Homer together. Anthony is an active angel investor, mentor, and advisor for the growth & marketing of some of the world’s fastest technology companies that went through technology accelerators such as Y-Combinator and Techstars. In addition he was board observer of one of the earliest automated investment services in Australia backed by Equip Super.

Learn More about working at Homer.

Learn more about working at Homer.