The new homeownership partner that gets you to own your first home, today.

Introducing Homer. The new homeownership partner that invests in your home as a silent partner alongside you and a mortgage to instantly increase your deposit to 20%. Now you get the instant buying power you need to own the home you love today.

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We invest alongside those that need it most.

Homer is on a mission to help make homeownership accessible and affordable for all Australians because our expensive housing market has gone out of control. We invest alongside Australians that need a hand getting that first deposit without extra debt, so they can start building financial security today.



Own a home today with a new silent investor, not a traditional debt lender.

Get your buying power.

Get pre-qualified for a Homer investment in just a few minutes to find out exactly how much cash we’ll invest. We'll invest enough to get you to 20% to instantly give you your first deposit and remove that annoyingly expensive mortgage insurance because we're on a mission to empower Australians to financial security.

Go Shopping, tomorrow.

Once your approved by Homer and your lender, Homer will give you the cash for an investment in your home so that you are able to buy a home today. You choose from nearly any home on the market except new builds,or apartments.

On your team, for life.

The hidden trick to making Homer work is that we don't lend you any money, we invest alongside you in exchange for a share of the value of the home. When the value of the home goes up, we win together, if it goes down, we lose together.

Homer offers the smartest, and simplest way to own a home today.

Own with just a traditional mortgage.

  • You're left waiting over 5 years to save the deposit.
  • Home prices go up as you wait to get into the market.
  • Over your head paying off debt for 30 years.
  • You take on all the risk of the housing market price swings with most of your net wealth.
  • All your spare cash is spent paying off repayments and principal.
  • Banks aren't on your team when you take a mortgage.
  • You waste thousands of dollars on rental payments that make your landlord rich whilst you save for the deposit.
  • Monthly interest payments get annoying because you've taken on debt.

Own with Homer as a silent partner.

  • Homer gives you buying power instantly by giving you the cash needed for that deposit, and more.
  • Start building an asset today and stop wasting money on rent payments.
  • Homer invests as a silent partner as an equity investment, meaning you don't have to pay us back.
  • Homer is your silent partner meaning we take on the risk for our share of the home.
  • Free up spare cash that would have otherwise been used to pay off a mortage. Take that holiday.
  • Homer is on your side. We win when you win, and we lose when you lose.
  • Homer saves you over $20,000 by switching to owning a home instead of wasteful rent.
  • With Homer there's no monthly payments, interest, or extra debt.
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