The new way to own your first home, today.

Now you don't have to buy 100% of a home to finally own it. Increase your down payment to 20% instantly because Homer invests as a silent partner alongside you and a mortgage. And we give you 100% of the ownership rights. Meaning you can finally stop that high downpayment getting in the way and own that dream home now.

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We’re a new silent investor, not a traditional lender.

Now it’s an equity investment, not extra debt .

Get qualified, today.

Get pre-qualified for a Homer investment in just a few minutes. You’ll find out exactly how much we’ll invest, how much you’ll save compared to renting, and meet our lovely AI bot Cass who runs the show.

Go Shopping, tomorrow.

Homer gives you cash for an investment in your home so that you are able to enter the market today. You choose from nearly any home on the market that fits our investment critieria and we get you ready and moved in as quickly as possible.

On your team, for life.

We’re your silent homeownership partner. We invest in exchange for a share of the value of the home and a small dividend. When it goes up, we win together, if it goes down, we lose together. Because now there's a homeownership partner, and not just the banks.


No principal repayments.
No large debt over your head.
100% Commitment free.

Homer changed the game completely because we invest in your home, and don't let you take out 100% mortgage debt. Just like wealthy business owners can, you now get access to equity financing in your home. Meaning you don’t have to repay any principal, the risk of foreclosure is much lower, and you get a true partner that’s now looking out for your best interests. It’s commitment free, so you can buy us out at any time if you want.


Now you can stop buying your first home at the bottom of the ladder and own the home you really want.

Homer increases your purchasing power by using us as a partner. Now instead of buying an apartment and selling up into a home a few years later, you can buy your dream home straight away before housing prices go up further and you miss out.


Now you control the future of owning your new home.

We’re your new silent partner that invests, and doesn’t lend. You get the rights to sell whenever you want, buy our equity out whenever you want, paint the walls bright blue or hang photos of your loved ones, whenever you want.


The same fair prices for everyone.

You wouldn’t go to a supermarket without price tags or if the supermarket could raise the prices after you’ve bought items and gone home. Why is it any different with owning a home? Our investment costs are super simple, upfront, and designed to save you money today by building an asset, instead of wasteful renting that makes your landlord rich.


Peace of Mind Promise.

We promise that you will live in your home as long as you want with our silent investment sitting there because the title is in your name. We can never kick you out because that’s what a true partner would do.

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