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You can finally own your first home today because there’s a new homeownership partner in town that’s on your team.
No debt. No deposit. No worries.

The new way to own your first home today with Homer as your silent partner.

We changed the game completely because we’re an investor, not a lender.

1) Get an offer from us to invest in your new home.

We help you through the legwork of applying, organising pre-approval of your bank loan, appraisals, and then give you an offer once you’re approved and qualified.

2) You get the investment today, to move into the home of your choice tomorrow.

We invest up to 40% of the total value of your new home as your homeownership partner. This means you now get a debt-free investment from us, and access to a smaller mortgage that allows you to move into your dream home today.

3) You’re 100% in control at all times because we’re your silent partner.

Finally, we win when you win because we're investing in the future value of your home. That’s why we let you be in control of when to sell your home anytime after 5 years. There’s no fineprint or exceptions with Homer.

It’s more than just an investment...

Homer gives you the freedom to own your first home today.

Stop wasting years of your life saving for your first home, and then the next 30 living to pay the debt off, to settle for an apartment or house you want to change in 5 years. Homer invests money upfront for you to own that dream home now.

Now you have the flexibility to do what you want all the way from the windows, to the walls.

You get the choice of whether you want a pet, paintings on the wall, that new garden, or a pull-up bar to look like Hugh Jackman without any landlord telling you what you can and can’t do for the simple things in your home.

Free up capital for other investments

Now you don't have a huge mortgage over your head because we give you debt-free investment. Use that money for smarter things like investing, or going on a holiday to Rome.

We’re your partner until death do us part.

We’re the first homeownership partner thats truly on your team because we win, when you win. Don't ever want to buy us out, yet still on your home? That's fine.

But it costs less to rent, and way more to buy…

Over 5 years Deepak and Sarah were $122,000 financially better off with Homer than wasteful renting...

Deepak and Sarah are a mid twenties couple who currently rent but would rather live in a home they own. They have a combined annual salary of $160,000 and are looking at buying a $600,000 house.

With Homer contributing $120,000 equity and Deepak & Sarah borrowing the remainder from the bank. Whilst Deepak & Sarah have enjoyed living in their home for 5 years already... they are now also cash richer by $22,000 and have built up an asset worth over $100,000 than if they’d continued renting.

Join the fastest growing community in Australia and get access to a world beyond traditional loans, and wasteful renting.

Artem Buryak, 21
Artem Buryak, 21
Artem Buryak, 21
Artem Buryak, 21
Artem Buryak, 21
Artem Buryak, 21

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